Some exciting developments have been taking place in the dragon boat and fundraising worlds of late. The growth has been tremendous. As the sport of dragon boat racing evolves, so does the business model for Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC. To accommodate new and numerous inquiries from around the country, Dynamic has relinquished the production/ownership rights to the dragon boat festivals it previously owned and produced (Knoxville, Chattanooga and Memphis). The event will belong to the charities historically associated with those races (Knox Area Rescue Ministries, Children’s Hospital Foundation at Erlanger Health Systems and the Tennessee Clean Water Network). Dynamic anticipates providing dragon boats, as well as staffing for practices and race day, among other services, for those races going forward. The charities in those cities will produce the event, receive all team registration, sponsorship and pledge money. They’ll make good use of great staff members and committees. A successful template has already been developed for them.

Producing dragon boat races takes a lot of time, energy and resources. Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing could not continue to take on new business without giving up all the detail oriented work that comes with event planning. Dynamic will provide services to all its clients that are specific to dragon boat event production (like dragon boats, steerers, race production), and other ancillary services. For all the dragon boat paddlers out there, you should not notice a significant difference – except that you will be hearing more from your charity contact and see our smiling faces at the captain’s meeting, practices and race day!

We are excited about evolving into a full race day management and logistics company, as well as continuing our support of charities and their dragon boat events to give participants the best dragon boat experience possible. Growth in clientele from several cities from around the country has been steady for the last few years; it is the right time to transition. In 2013, Dynamic is expected to be contracted for more than 15 dragon boat races this year. Its sole focus will be working the logistics and management of these events, and all the intricate detail that involves. We’ll be very busy, and also building on the growth already established. We look forward to making waves in several cities next year. Check out the current 2013 season dates.


Paddles Up!