Planning for the 2012 season has been a long and evolving process, but it’s coming together and nearly complete. It will be a busy year, with some exciting first-year races on the schedule. Bringing this sport to a community for the first time is always special. Nothing quite compares to a look of giddy accomplishment like the ones of participants who get their first experience paddling in a dragon boat race.

This year, the season will start earlier, in April, and end later, in October. We’ll be traveling even more, with some amazing destinations also on the calendar. In addition to these new events, we’re gearing up for another awesome year in Chattanooga, where the Children’s Hospital Dragon Boat Festival has been a popular mainstay for six years. Last year, paddlers in Chattanooga raised the fundraising bar by collecting more than $108,000, up more than $30,000 over the amount raised in 2010. It’s amazing to see how a community bonds to support a local cause. The same rings true in Knoxville, where last year Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) received more than $114,000 in pledges. On tap for 2012 is a 10-year event anniversary celebration that will make this huge event even bigger. We are excited to celebrate our charity and unveil a new event name and logo to commemorate the anniversary:

We also look forward to growing the Duncan-Williams Dragon Boat Races in Memphis this year. In its 2011 debut, 32 teams thoroughly enjoyed the sport and look forward to having more fun and raising more money for the Tennessee Clean Water Network this year. From the big races to first-year feats, we are preparing now for an incredible New Year in dragon boat racing!

Check out the Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing 2012 season. More dates will added soon. Paddles Up!