The 5th Annual Children’s Hospital Dragon Boat Festuival was a resounding success! A whopping $106,000 has been raised so far to benefit the hospital. The Pallbearers took Gold for a third straight year, but the Chattanooga Ski Club gave them a run for their money. The Pallbearers did pay money to get me as a steerer, with donations going to the Children’s Hospital! What a ride. Then, they took me for another ride – they pulled me up on water skis. We rigged up water skis to a dragon boat and they launched me the floating dock. I dropped too soon, but I had never been on water skis – although I’ve been on a wakeboard. Philip Grymes of Outdoor Chattanooga took a ride as well and they pulled him for 30 seconds. Photos and video will be posted ASAP.

For now, I’m off to dinner with the staff.

Much, much more about today and the festival in tomorrow’s blog.

Paddles Up!