I drove home to Knoxville Tuesday night after coaching a few teams. It was odd being there, since I’m getting very accustomed to hotel living in general, but it was good to see my husband and dogs.

I didn’t have much time, because I was the guest at a luncheon, where I received the SCORE Business Client of the Year for the Knoxville Chapter. It was a really nice honor. My husband, Chris, who will be steering on race btw, came with me. That was sweet!

We had lunch, then I had to hurry to Dick’s Sporting Goods, pulling my jon boat and trailer. I left my water shoes at home, so I had to grab a new pair and a few other things I needed. Then, I drove back to Chattanooga and coached three teams. I hate to rub it in and not that I am in any way competitive, but all the teams I coached won in the practice races when we challenged, or got challenged to a race. This might bode well for race day when I’m up for bid. The team that ponies up the most money gets me as their steerer in the final race for Gold, Silver and Bronze. I’ve coached about a quarter of the teams (out of 46) and many of the teams have had me for a coach one year or another. So, the biggest donor to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger has me driving them in that last hurrah!

It will be fun to see how much is raised!