10. My body lasts much longer than my brain.
9. Extreme heat melts my brain, which worked out OK, actually.
8. No matter how much planning, something unexpected ALWAYS happens.
7. Road trippin’ with the boats is long and tedious, but usually entertaining.
6. Locals and their cultures are fascinating.
5. Volunteers are crucial, incredible and probably don’t know how much they’re appreciated.
4. I could teach a class on the psychology of people, especially people in an enlightened environment – like in a dragon boat!
3. I can teach a lot of people a lot of different things about dragon boating.
2. It’s a pleasure to see happiness on many, many faces!
1. I am blessed with wonderful friends who travel with me all over the country in the name of love and dragon boating!

~ Part of Dynamic staff at Knoxville event (Click to enlarge)