Get on the boat and join the first U.S. dragon boat tweam assembled in the Florida Keys.

Paddlers are signing up now on the social media Web site Twitter to get on the tweam for the Battle in the Bay Dragon Boat Festival May 8. Don’t miss your chance! Space is limited – only 20 paddlers and a drummer. Entry and accommodations are free. Beautiful beach, warm water and sand sounds like a vacation. Add dragon boat racing to the mix and you have an adrenaline pumping, heart pounding experience.

“There are over 200 dragon boat enthusiasts following Battle In The Bay on Twitter. These followers are from Vancouver, Kelowna and Toronto, Canada, London, Singapore, Sydney, the Philippines and too many states in the US to name,” says Karen Bowers, event organizer for the dragon boat races held at Sombrero Beach in the Florida Keys.

Twitter and Facebook are showing explosive growth rates as people, groups and businesses join by the millions each month. The social media platforms are an ideal way for more personalized communications with dragon boat clubs, coaches, paddlers and other race organizers. Even dragon boat enthusiasts with limited or no dragon boat experience can join the tweam – twitter speak for team.

While “tweeting” with the dragon boat community about Battle In The Bay Dragon Boat Festival, chat sparked interest for forming a dragon boat “tweam.” With help from Penny Behling, coach and race organizer with Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing in Knoxville, TN, and coach Frithjof Petscheleit in Kelowna, British Columbia word is spreading swiftly through social media networks.

Marathon based newspaper, The Weekly, sponsored the tweam registration so all paddlers race free and Florida Keys Rental pitched in with free lodging. It’s easy and it’s fun! To learn more about the tweam and how to sign up, visit and, or contact Karen at 305-766-1053 or