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Dragon Boat Rentals

Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC owns a fleet of 17 BuK dragon boats – the best boat on the market. The German-made boats glide through the water with a speed and agility like none other. The preferred choice for paddlers, the newer models of BuK boats are even lighter, faster and feature forward tilted seats. Quality equipment for your best effort.

Boat Rental services include:

  • Dragon Boat Rental for Practices
  • Dragon Boat Rental for Festival/Race
  • Boat Transport
  • Boat Unload & Load (client provides lifting mechanism)
  • Race Day Steering
  • Paddles, PFDs, Oars, Drums, Heads, Tails, Boat Numbers and all other equipment to dress the boats included

Note: Festivals renting boats will need other Dynamic services, especially race production, and other dragon boat event expertise to complement the race and participant experience. Contact us to learn more.

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