The word legacy is used in various contexts, but often we don’t consider the meaning when it comes to the impact on the life we lead. Legacy means gift in its most inherent form. What gift you offer those in your life, or the community, culminates to give you purpose and leave a meaningful trace of your existence.

We find so much purpose in the work we do with dragon boat racing and clients who are using this event to raise money. We feel like this is our life’s work, our legacy. After managing dozens of races the past 10 years, charities across the country have netted several million thanks to successfully executing a dragon boat fundraiser. Additionally, the paddlers participating in the races are reaping health and well-being benefits. The money used from net proceeds has helped untold amounts of people. We play a relatively small role in a very large world of charity assistance, but we’re very proud of that role. Our goal is to do our best to make sure every client makes $100,000-200,000 or more on this event every year. Many of them do, and that benefits organizations like Habitat for Humanity, child abuse organizations, environmental advocates, education foundations, hospital foundations, United Way, cancer, breast cancer, and more.

Lives are changed thanks to many of these worthy non-profits. A legacy is unfolding and continues to amaze us. We’ll chronicle more legacy related stories during the season through the Dynamic Legacy blog.