Race Results

We returned home from Cleveland at 4 p.m. Sunday, and then I woke up early Monday and drove six boats by myself to Memphis to spend the week there for Duncan-Williams Dragon Boat Races, benefiting The Tennessee Clean Water Network.

I wasn’t as exhausted as I expected. The drive went well since I missed rush hour traffic in most of the major cities. We were sweating the unload, because the wrecker driver was stuck at a doctor’s appointment. He literally got there just in time to get the unload finished for a 5 p.m. practice session. Practice week went well. We had a fun group of coaches, plus Renée and Josh from TCWN. We worked out together nearly every morning, and explored the great dining choices in Memphis at night. St. Jude Research Hospital had a couple of teams in the race. One morning a few of went for a tour there. It was an eye-opening experience to see and hear about what they do, and also see the kids in treatment walking around. Instead of seeing sadness on their faces, these kids were full of hope. It was a beautiful thing.

It’s also a beautiful thing to see a dragon boat team come together and figure out how to win. We had some great teams to coach all week. Even though several coaches were talking smack to me all week about how they were going to beat me/my teams on race day, I managed to smile and take it in stride. I had the chance to coach one of the Crossfit teams one afternoon. All of the coaches were in the boat. Some were paddling, but I was coaching them. The other coaches learned all my tricks and strategies. But that was OK. We stuck with our racing plan, stayed together and focused. On race day, Crossfit Hit and Run brought their best and won Gold!