Race Results

We left Lewes, DE Monday morning after the Sunday race and headed toward the Cleveland, OH area. We don’t coach practice sessions in Cleveland. The dragon boat club there handles that. So, we spent the week resting, cleaning gear, and visiting friends and family. It was a nice break.

We unloaded the boats into the water Friday afternoon. Cleveland is not the easiest unload, but the Cleveland Dragon Boat Association, which produces the event, brings plenty of help. We must hoist the boats (with the use of a large tow truck) over a railing and into the water. It is a tricky process requiring careful teamwork. We finished quicker than usual, so we must be getting better at this.

All went as planned on Saturday as well. The day was smooth and paddlers brought their A-game. I steered for some fun teams that were also very skilled. It’s always a pleasure to have that combo.