Race Results

We had just over two days of recovery before heading to Owensboro, KY for practices in the sweltering heat. The morning we left I woke up feeling ill from the heat, lack of proper rest and probably my diet. I was worried about getting to Owensboro and coaching teams on the sometimes turbulent Ohio River. Once we arrived and began unloading the boats, a downpour did wonders for me. It cooled me off and made me feel better, along with bananas and other electrolyte builders. I survived coaching practices, and made sure to start get plenty of sleep. As the week progressed, I felt better and on race day I felt like Super Woman despite the heat. Each day of practices, I got stronger, and so did the teams. Any of the teams in Owensboro could have won Gold. There were so many mentally and physically strong teams there.

We always know to expect those incredibly strong teams in Owensboro. Some of them are all-male teams. The wide Ohio river also attracts lots of recreational boaters. It can be a challenge to get away from the wake, but we made it work. Even though the river kicked a 2 mph current off our bow all day, the teams plowed through it. Some of the all-male teams moved quickly through the water. It was a great day of competitive racing. The crowd favorite was a team of recovering addicts from Owensboro Regional Recovery. They had heart, grit and determination. Everyone wanted to see them win. They nearly did. They came in second in the finals. Here’s a look: