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A Year of Firsts

The Year of the Dragon has proven to be a year of firsts. In the 2012 season, we’ve seen the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga break its fundraising record, with more than $150,000 in pledges. More recently, we’ve seen two festivals – in Decatur, AL and Kalispell, MT – attract more than 52 and 54 teams, respectively. Many other cities on our calendar have also created an event the community has embraced this year, giving them the chance to continue growing this event annually.

Upcoming Races on the Dynamic calendar

6th Annual Gateway Dragon Boat Festival
Located in St. Louis, MO.
Inaugural Habitat Dragon Boat Festival
Located in Gadsden, AL
Inaugural Montana Dragon Boat Festival
Located in Kalispell, MT
6th Annual Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival
Located in Cleveland, OH.
2nd Annual Duncan-Williams Dragon Boat Races
Located in Memphis, TN.
6th Annual Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival
Located in Nashville, TN.

Note: The Cape Fear Dragon Boat Festival in Wilmington, NC, has been canceled for 2012, but will be scheduled in 2013, likely in the early spring.

Race Dates – 2013

Several clients have already secured dates for Dragon Boat Festivals in 2013. If you are looking to make an impression with a “Dynamic” Dragon Boat event, contact us for a quote, or more details. We are making waves all over the country and keeping clients and teams happy.

After a recent festival, we heard this:

“Your team is great – very professional and a real pleasure to work with.  We had compliments from several of the teams about how much they enjoyed your involvement.” ~ Tim Ross, Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival

Teamwork is key in dragon boat racing.

Paddles Up!