It’s been a busy, but another great day working this morning, and then time with friends participating in the Children’s Hospital Dragon Boat Festival on yet another chilly, windy day. Jim and Cathy Getz arrived from Florida layered in plenty of clothes, shoes and socks, and missing the sun! Today, I coached some teams I’ve coached for the last three years or so: Sodexo Sync or Swim and Heritage Funeral Home – The Pallbearers.

We all call the Sync or Swim captain “mama” and she was coaching us from shore, telling everyone what they were doing wrong.

I steered and took this video of The Pallbearers, last year’s winning team from my iphone:

It’s like a reunion with old friends. We had so much fun catching up and hugging, and laughing – a lot of laughing. I’ve had a great time so far this week and more than $77,000 has been pledged for the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger so far. Race Day is Saturday. Things are falling into place. All is well.

Until tomorrow,

Paddles Up!