This time, I went in the drink!

I knew it might be a bad sign when I woke up exhausted and half out of it. Last night was the first one I’ve slept in the last several nights. I slept well, but not quite enough to catch up from too many consecutive sleepless nights.

After getting to the marina for a morning practice session, I was maneuvering a dragon boat at the dock, and thanks to a gust of wind, I lost my handle on the boat. Since it was in danger of being swept into a bed of rocks, (completely forgetting that I had not moved my phone from my pocket to its case), I jumped in the water to catch the boat before the wind took it further away from me. It was maybe 50-degrees out and the water was a cool temp. I pulled myself into the dragon boat, docked it, and walked into Melanie’s office at the marina. She was about five feet away from the incident and never saw what had happened! She gave me a towel. I managed to drive back to my hotel, change clothes, dry my hair and get back in time to coach the team, Moe’s Southwest Grill – Moe Moe Moe Yo Boat. Moe’s and the Chattanooga Ski Club – a team I also coached today – are definite medal contender on race day, Saturday.

I am not the only one to go in the water this week. Read the Friday the 13th blog about Team Captain Jason Hargis from the Adman Flux Capaddlers team going in at practice. I hope this is not going to be a trend this week. Good news is I now have the phone I wanted. HA!

Raul and Gerry arrived today from Miami. Raul picked up coaching for me so I could go and buy a phone. What a guy! This week, the wild begins – more practices, more coaches coming to town. More stories to tell – in tomorrow’s blog.