After stumbling upon a personal journal, I decided to develop a blog series this dragon boat season. I’m calling it Dragon’s Alive for the same reason I dreamed up the idea – to give life to my life’s work, i.e. dragon boat racing and charity.

Starting this Friday the 13th, I will blog every day while I’m in Chattanooga for the Children’s Hospital Dragon Boat Festival until race day, on Saturday, May 21. A lot happens during practices and the week leading up to the event: from coaching teams to final week preps for an awesome race day, it’s a busy and interesting time. Look for photo and video updates, and the blog, of course!

I’m calling the blog Dragons Alive, because that’s how the idea evolved in my head. I’ve been a writer for a very long time. I have several personal and work journals. The journal I found was a personal one I had designated as my grief diary after my friend Karen died more than three years ago. Sadly, I’ve lost two other very important people in my life after Karen passed. One good thing I can say about experiencing death – it teaches you how to live. Something I wrote to Karen in that journal: “You’re always in the back of my head saying, ‘You’re alive. Do something with it. Go for it.'”

Karen and many lost loved ones taught me how to live, and be alive. Part of that is sharing, and giving. Through dragon boat racing, we work together as a team, and through the festivals, we give back as a community. Be part of that journey. The dragons are alive with power – to win – in every  possible way!

Paddles Up!