Lately, life has been so busy with travel, work and personal matters, it seems difficult to secure a moment to think…

Amid the emails, calls, to-dos and asides pulling at my attention, one day we got word that the Children’s Hospital team in Chattanooga – the PICU Lifesavers – might not have a team. Whoa… Panic time… Out of 61-70 teams, why worry if this one team doesn’t return? Well, for one thing, they LOVE the event. For another, they are always the TOP fundraising team from Erlanger Health Systems. For a week, we didn’t know. Kimberly, one of the team captains, said their department was entirely too busy this year. But Barb, the other team captain, helped make it happen. The PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) is in for another year! Kimberly can’t make it, though:

I am out of town (so disappointed)…. I will miss you SO much. Kimberly

I stopped when I read her email.

People love this event. It’s about more than the adrenaline rush of racing in a long, cool-looking dragon boat. It’s about fundraising, helping your community, being with and around people you enjoy, and building something memorable – every year!