Life has been an endless cycle of dragon boat planning and details lately.

I’m very relieved the new Web sites are live and making the visitor experience easier overall. Right now, with the way my schedule has been, I wouldn’t have the time to even look at my Web sites, much less edit them. There are a few more things to finish, but the sites are primarily done. We’ll be adding things here and there. It’s a fun work in progress. Enjoy!

It’s good timing since I’m feeling the monkey is now off my back with this huge Web site project out of the way. I’m consumed with work on details for the three dragon boat festivals produced by Dynamic, consulting with current clients, and bidding and prospecting other festivals for the future. It has been a full plate and then some, between traveling and planning. Dynamic has contracted with Project Management Consultant Kathy Willard to help my plate stay full and manageable. I am her most challenging project, of course, but together, we’ll propel Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC to the next level and make even more money for charities all over the country. It’s already great, and will only get better.

I’m excited about the future. It will be a very interesting and Dynamic journey!

Paddles Up!