When I started the adventure of bidding out the services for a new Web site, I knew it would be a lot of work – both on my part, and for the chosen company. The reason – my company is not what you’d call common. You don’t see many dragon boat race organizers and equipment companies out there. Explaining the Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing business is itself a challenge, I had also tell bidders what I want to communicate and how. The what was in my head, but I was not resolved about the how. That’s where the Web company and the relationship/understanding becomes crucial. After an excruciatingly hard decision to research, contact references and view Web sites of companies and getting good bids from some of them, I settled on a company where I live – Slamdot, in Knoxville.

After consideration, the Slamdot proposal made sense – divide the sites into four – give each its identity. What you get are four very distinct sites for very distinct services and events.

* racedragonboats.com – This site features info about Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC, which produces dragon boat festivals, and provides quality services and equipment to events all over the U.S.
* chattanooga.racedragonboats.com – In its 5th year, the Children’s Hospital Dragon Boat Festival in Chattanooga, benefiting the Children’s Hospital Foundation, is expected to attract more than 70 teams, on May 21, 2011.
* knoxville.racedragonboats.com – In its 9th year, the Knoxville Dragon Boat Festival, benefiting Knox Area Rescue Ministries, is expected to attract more than 70 teams on, June 25, 2011.
* memphis.racedragonboats.com – In its inaugural year, the Memphis Dragon Boat Races, benefiting the Tennessee Clean Water Network, is expected to attract more than 30 teams, on September 24, 2011.

Dragon Boat racing features primarily corporate and community teams of 20 paddlers a drummer, and steerer racing in 46-foot long dragon boats. It is the ultimate in team building and fundraising, netting more than $250K for events worked by Dynamic in 2010. Needless to say, connecting the info to communicate all that needs to go out to teams, sponsors, potential teams and sponsors, spectators, and the like for each event and customer is vitally important. I was a bit nervous, and naturally unsure of what to expect. This entire process took two long months, which is tough for someone who’d rather work quicker. But I knew it had to be right. I am pleasantly and overwhelmingly surprised to be as pleased as I am. These sites were precisely what I was looking for to promote this sport, my business, events and the charities who benefit from them. I’m excited to offer some great conveniences for teams, sponsors, clients and anyone interested in what this great fun is all about and why so many love it! Check it out on the new Web sites. They are incredible!

Paddles Up!

Penny Behling
Owner, Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC