Some of us grew up with coaches telling us how to perform, what the strategy is. It’s good for you – nice for structure, team mentality and overall encouragement (that is, when you get the right coach).

I do a lot of different dragon boat related things – organizing dragon boat festivals from start to finish, to steering, paddling when I can, and coaching. Of these, coaching is one I always enjoy. It is also one that can get very routine. So, I have to pace myself. It’s almost like the poor postal service professionals who always have to ask, “Anything fragile, liquid, or perishable….” When I start with a new team to coach, I always have to give them the same speech about safety and how to paddle a dragon boat. As you gain experience, you master the art of quick shortcuts to get to the fun stuff as quickly as possible!

~ Raul (standing) coaching in Knoxville

After a few good years under my belt as coach, it has occurred to me that most all of us could really use a good coach in our lives, especially as adults. Many of us do have coaches already: our best friends, families, co-workers, etc. How many times do we need to be “coached” through a situation, or crisis? Since dragon boating is rigorous and physical, an engaged coach can be motivation for winning, and/or getting that last power finish with 100% adrenaline. A good coach makes you want to keep giving of yourself; in dragon boating, a good coach breathes the life in you that helps you leave it on the water. We all need a coach. It’s good for us – physically and mentally!