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Dragon Boat racing is dynamic. Setting the standard in customer service and fundraising success for 11 years, Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing LLC has a proven track record of managing quality races attracting large numbers of teams all over the country. Charities put in the work and reap lucrative fundraising rewards. Many of our clients net $80,000-$100,000 on this event, with some making $200,000-plus every year. We’re proud to say charities we work with raised more than $3.5 million in 10 years.

Dynamic makes waves all over the country with community-focused professional dragon boat race logistic services. We offer exclusive services, including a mobile app and informative tools to help make the most of this event. Clients can expect guidance and support through the planning process.

“You and Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing are a professional and first-class operation”. ~ Susan Balmert, Dragons on the Lake Festival in Akron, OH

Contact us now to plan the most engaging participant event. Don’t miss the boat! Dragon Boat racing and charity: everyone wins!

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WVUA Adapted Rowing team during a race. Bronze winners! #beastmode #dragonboat
Race day in Tuscaloosa!
Dragon Boat practice in Tuscaloosa. #juniorleagueoftuscaloosadragonboatraces
Rollin' down the Black Warrior River.
Headed to Tuscaloosa for the first race of the season!
Fun on and off the water in Decatur, AL!
From a weekend coaching session in Decatur, AL with Crossfit Protocol. #beasts #trainingforraceday
Chris took this boat to Tellico Lake this morning for a newly formed dragon boat club. I'm headed ...
Great to see a full boat. Dragon Boat season is just around the corner!
Steering training this weekend in Decatur, AL. #dragonboat